suicide first aid training

are you looking for an interactive, thought provoking and practical course for your team to learn about mental health, signs to look out for and how to have those difficult conversations? then we’re here for you.

course attendee

thank you to bigmoose for providing the opportunity to do the courses and to the course leaders for their informative, gentle approach that didn’t overwhelm or trigger but enabled confidence in the participants

we have partnered with The National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education and Training (NCSPET) which was formed in 2011 and is the UK’s leading international provider of assured suicide prevention education and training programmes known as Suicide First Aid® (SFA). 

we have an in-house trainer who works for bigmoose full time, elin is excellent and you can read more about her here.

meet elin

the goal

the goal of this one day course is to provide education that will reduce suicides by empowering individuals, workplaces and communities, equipping people with knowledge, skills and confidence, and teaching them how to have a caring conversation that could help save a life.

the feedback we have received has been phenomenal and has led to many conversations that have opened the space for people to talk about how they are feeling. 

the course will focus on things such as suicide prevention, how to recognise warning signs, and it will provide you with the tools and confidence going forward. as part of our mission, we want to reduce the rates of suicide. we currently provide fast and effective therapy to people  who are struggling but by providing people with the opportunity to participate in this course, we will ensure that there are more people out there who can spot the signs and act accordingly to hopefully prevent the worst from happening.
course attendee

the instructor was really chilled and professional and made me feel really safe and calm throughout. they were really patient and polite too which is important. the amount of breaks and lunch was great too. i totally understood the course information

to enquire about us providing this course at your workplace or sending someone from your team to one hosted at our office please get in touch.


please find answers to some questions below.
how many people can go on the course?

the course capacity is 16 people

how much does it cost?
the cost of the course will depend on location, how many people are taking part and whether you are a bigmoose partner. for more information please fill out this form and we will respond with all of the info.
who leads on the course?
elin who is a part of the bigmoose team will lead these courses. she has been trained and assessed by the sfa and passed a written assignment too. elin is thoughtful and sensitive in her approach, confident in her delivery and has the room captivated all day. 
why should i do this course instead of any others available elsewhere?

this course has been described as a gold standard in suicide prevention training’, it is though provoking and led by city and guilds qualified trainers. the trainers use lots of strategies including, story telling, mini lectures, and group work with audio-visual presentations, resulting in an emotionally engaging transformative learning experience.

who can take part in the training?
no previous experience or training is necessary. SFA is suitable for everyone. It is a multi adaptational programme using a population based approach to suicide prevention. This means SFA is an ideal training solution for all.