Louise O’Reilly

events and operations manager

meet louise – louise knew us before we knew her. she attended an event at bigmoose coffee co called fierce femmes and heard about our story from one of the speakers. 

she was inspired leaving the event and sent us this email asking us to volunteer (see the email below)

fast forward a few month and louise applied for our ‘charity officer’ role in early 2023. i remember vividly getting her application through and being really impressed with her background. alex and i then did a phone call interview with her and we were both giving ’thumbs up’ hand signals to each other as louise’s warmth and sunshine personality shone through over the phone.

lou joined us and went straight into a 24 hour event on the side of penyfan, we had only known her a matter of weeks but she committed to being there and supporting our climbers with enthusiasm and kindness.

lou has gone on to achieve some incredible things with bigmoose. she worked super closely with josie to pull off our first ever ultra fun run event that raised over £35,000, she applies for grants to help fund the charity and heads up the bigmoose charity social media.

lou is sunshine in human form, she is so consistent and brings the best energy to everything she does.