Jeff Smith

ceo, chloe’s dad

meet jeff aka my pops!

he is one of the kindest, most inspirational and humble people you will ever meet. dad and i co-founded bigmoose together and we run it as a father-daughter team.

my sister and i were brought up to believe in our dreams, never give up and do our best in everything we do and he now leads our team with the exact same values.

dad has this special and unique way of inspiring anyone he speaks to, he believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself, he sees potential in everyone and when he stands in front of a room and tells the bigmoose story everyone is captivated by his rawness, his humour and his ability to turn his pain into his purpose. bigmoose began as a legacy for dad’s best mate, gary cloonan who we lost to cancer in 2007 and who’s nickname was moose. read this story here.

dad has an incredible cv full of adventure and once in a lifetime achievements. he played professional ice hockey for the cardiff devils and once retired from hockey he went on to become a fully qualified skydiver, ultra runner and mountain climber. he is a marathon des sables finisher and a mount everest summiteer – he is basically my absolute hero.

dad pushes bigmoose and us all to live happier, healthier and kinder lives.