elin newton

administrative assistant

meet elin

elin joined bigmoose in march 2024 and came on in an admin role. we met elin on day 2 of our interviews, she was one of the last to be interviewed but her energy really stood out. dad met her for 2 minutes and we both knew we wanted her on the team! 

elin joined us and has already grown and gone from strength to strength. within week one of her starting we were discussing training someone up to present our suicide first aid training to businesses and elin put herself forward. her confidence and excitement at helping others made dad and i so happy and 2 weeks later she was on the training course and is now giving this training to businesses and spreading the message far and wide.

elin is also trained on replying to our referrals and we’re so excited to watch her grow. 


if you would like to find out more then please check more info out here.