Chloe Smith

coo, jeff’s daughter

chloe is the co founder of bigmoose and the chief operating officer, and has always been a caring kind girl, so as her dad it was no surprise to me that bigmoose was to become her purpose, and helping people with their mental health her mission.

as a father and daughter team we work extremely well together, complimenting each other really well, and together we are a strong partnership.

when chloe was 15 she showed her toughness by becoming the youngest welsh woman ever to climb mount kilimanjaro back in 2010, raising £15,000 for charity in the process, has run a 42km ultramarathon, and is now very comfortable inspiring local and international businesses with her honest and raw motivational talks, and as her dad i am inspired every day by her resilience, tenacity and energy to face whatever tough challenges life throws at her.

she also mentors and coaches young women in life and business skills, and without her bigmoose would not have fundraised one £1.16 million pounds in 486 days in 2023.

i am proud of her as my daughter and my partner in bigmoose.