Alex Jamieson

partnerships manager

meet alex – alex joined our team in november 2022 and came on as mine and dad’s pa. when alex applied for the job we had closed the applications as we had been inundated with applicants. however alex had been working on her application unbeknownst to us and really wanted the chance to submit it. 

so she went about trying to contact us, she messaged dad and i on linkedin, she dm’d on bigmoose insta and my personal insta and she sent an email. i remember sitting with my partner and saying ’this girl is determined, we need to give her a chance’.

so the following week alex came in for an interview, and blew us all away. fast forward, she beat all the other applicants and was given the job aged 21. she has since come on and impressed us at every turn. alex is strong, intelligent, sassy and kind. we love her enthusiasm, empathy and dedication to helping others.

alex was promoted in january 2024 to partnerships manager and now works with all of our amazing business and school partners as well as helping me to respond to all of our referrals. if you’d like to work with us please get in touch with alex on: 

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