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after 5 years of ivf rhiannon and nathan were over the moon to find out that they had fallen pregnant with twins (gruff and mabli). but sadly at 30 weeks they were given the sad news that mabli had passed away.


going from days where i was looking at different ways i could end the anguish i was living in, i am now looking for challenges. i've gone from living in fear to facing my fears.


wrapped up in the drinking culture at work, graham didn't realise how alcohol was affecting his life


after years of struggling with ocd and her mental health, hannah was using alcohol as a way of coping with her pain


after struggling with anxiety for much of his life, mark had reached a point where he realised 'just coping' wasn't sustainable


after josie and ben became pregnant in 2020 during lockdown, they were preparing for the next stage of their lives