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good morning bigmoose friend,

thank you for your very kind messages after last weeks blog, they were lovely to read, although my favourite was an in person comment made to me by my mate, will fuller, who commented on the blog, telling me that he reads it on his daily visit to do a “sit down toilet”, so as i write this i am smirking and grimacing in equal measure, hi will.

will is a fellow goalie, playing semi professional football for merthyr town fc, a 100% owned community club, approximately 6’ 4”, unfairly handsome, and extremely driven, which i love.

we met up for a brew last night to have a debrief about his recent london marathon success, and as the chief executive of cardiff met student union we always have great conversations about sport, steering a team at work, and the impact and purpose we are trying to make in the world, and last year he kindly committed to fundraising £15,000 for bigmoose, which he is is well on his way to achieving.

he smashed his target of running a sub four hour marathon, and is now contemplating his next running challenge, and i can’t wait to follow his adventures.

here is a lovely video of his day, created by his newly wed wife alice, great job!

£15,000 is a huge amount of money, and on our current data analysis it will pay for approximately 150 therapy sessions for people that are struggling with their mental health, and again based on current stats, that will see 36 people complete their therapy successfully, and at our recent rate of one life saved in every 26 people we refer, that means will’s fundraising will almost definitely save one person from taking their own life.

how brilliant is that?

crazy isn’t it, we have built a system that using a team of uber skilled therapists and connecting people that need help, we can, on average, and this is only people that tell us with no questioning, save a human life from suicide for just over ten grand?

that’s not withstanding the people that don’t vocalise the path they were on before they engaged with us, or the people that were in crisis and our therapists have given them skills and tools to allow them to navigate this tricky old life we live, phenomenal isn’t it, simple yet phenomenal?

and thanks to will and you, and people like you, lovely bigmoose supporter, we will continue to endeavour to support those that need help, free, no questions asked, no boxes to tick, fast and efficiently.

so thank you for coming on this journey with us, i hope you’re enjoying the ride, and as someone in the thick of the action i hope it’s fun watching us disrupt the market, build an efficient model that works, and continue to grow.

we are doing it for you, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your community.

use us.

reach out, we can help, online, in person, any time of day, we have therapists that work hours to suit the client.

just gotta do the bins……………………..

i’m back.

where was i?

oh yeah, getting passionate.

whist doing the bins i thought about something i must tell you about.

a few years ago now, chloe and i booked onto a suicide prevention course, which whilst quite an emotional day, it has empowered us both to recognise people in distress a lot quicker, and taught us the appropriate questions to ask, and the action to take if required.

so armed with this knowledge, we decided we needed to share our findings, so we have paid for and run our own courses for our staff and ambassadors, which got us thinking, everybody deserves the opportunity to attend this kind of course if they are interested.

so, elin, our newest member of our team, in her first week of employment was spotted as totally being perfect to train to run this course for us, no pressure el!

seven weeks into role, she is today running her first course internally, which she will be marked on, and hopefully pass, allowing her to run the course for us externally.

now the plan is to enable us to go out to businesses, sports clubs, groups that want this kind of course, and facilitate it, all free of charge, no barriers to entry, so if you or anybody you know would be interested, contact elin here.

finally, to wrap up todays blog, i just wanted to tell you about our next bigmoose challenge we announced this week, ’no limits’.

no limits is an event in brecon, on 14th/15th september where supported by bigmoose we are intending to get 300 people to walk to the top of pen-y-fan and back down, as many times as each individual wants over a 24hr period.

so if one rotation is what you want to do, brilliant, two, fantastic, twelve, awesome, but there are ‘no limits’.

you can do it individually or as a team, you choose, and there are no barriers to entry, so if you fancy a new challenge, click here for info, we have seen a great signup rate already, so book now to avoid disappointment.

so hopefully  will has done all his admin and paperwork now, and all that’s left for me to do is signoff and wish you a great weekend.

next week i will be writing about my trip to nepal and our amazing team member josie, please come back for a read.

blue skies,


ps if you or anybody you know needs help with their mental health please reach out below.

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