ronaldo – warm fluffy socks – the aroma of coffee

welcome to autumn or fall as they say in the us and canada.

as i emerged from my warm cocoon this morning at 5:30 to write this, the temperature changed quickly as my toasty feet touched the chilled woodblock floor, and woe betide me if i didn’t quickly get layers on.

i went to my sock drawer, the second one down, with underwear residing above, due to when the drawers were being decided on had quickly shouted “shotgun top drawer” like two young children when entering a room with bunkbeds.

i went for the biggest warmest fluffiest socks i own.

these bad boys make me smile every time i pick them up, in anticipation of how they are going to make me feel as i pull them close to my skin, the gentle wool enveloping my feet, and i have no doubt the association with the fact that these are mountain socks, and that my muscle memory takes me back to the alps or nepal, or denali, very happy places for me, do you have clothes that make you feel really happy when you wear them?

i almost skate into the kitchen with my frictionless footwear on, and do a hockey stop spraying ice onto the cold granite work surface where the coffee pot sits expectantly.

fresh coffee lovingly made, evoking more happy feelings as it’s aroma hits my sensory system, i head to the couch to write, i am ready.

well, what a week.

after randomly explaining why i thought you read this blog last week, and asking you to help by spreading the word, you did, and we saw an influx of new subscribers, so thank you, and welcome if this is your inaugural read, i hope you stay with us.

we also have seen a number of people click through to use our therapy services, which is amazing, i hope we can help.

also this week we have expanded our team, and are extremely happy to welcome ellie, tanya and joe into our bigmoose family.

we only had one position that we were hiring for, but these three candidates blew our second drawer down socks off, and we have fast tracked our expansion, very much due to the passion and enthusiasm all three showed during the five stage process, we were quite rigorous with our challenges we set them all.

a written application, a video recording sent to us extolling their virtues, and then a face to face interview with each of the team, followed by an in office task, including presenting on a topic we gave them, and then finally, coming back to present to a business colleague of ours looking to encourage him to engage with bigmoose as his charity of the year.

fierce right?

but we want ‘a’ players on our team, and all three were excellent, providing us with a great problem to have, who to choose, and after much deliberation we made new rules up, and chose to hire all three.

we have two new projects, one to go into schools and businesses to present mental health first aid, and prevention of suicide courses, so we will be training joe to lead this, and run the courses, so if you know anybody that needs this kind of training drop me a line, and our second project, we are going create an auction, yes an auction, an auction for good.

so here’s the plan.

having played ice hockey, a trillion years ago albeit, i am aware of how hockey shirts are are extremely sought after, and there are regular shirt auctions at my old club, cardiff devils.


my idea was to send out a message to all my old hockey mates to see if they had any shirts they would donate for us to auction and raise funds for bigmoose.

then put them somewhere like ebay, and hopefully make a few bob.

but then i thought why stop there.

we could auction anything.

sports memorabilia, experiences, holidays, art, things money can’t buy, etc.

so we got thinking, why not design our own auction website.

so that’s what we are doing, and it should be ready before christmas, ready for our first auction, and tanya will be heading this project up.

so if you have any ideas of weird and whacky things we can auction let me know, or if you bought something in an auction that is sitting in your garage or loft, and you think we could auction it, please let me know, we haven’t told anybody about this yet, apart from people close to us, and we already have the promise of a signed ronaldo portugal shirt due to somebody knowing somebody, so have a think, all suggestions welcome.

well the sun has risen, i’ve put the rubbish out, and the day beckons, so i will leave you to your day, i hope it’s a brilliant one, and maybe you can share your zest for life by making somebody else’s day brighter in some way, that’d be cool eh?

blue skies,


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