no towel – wim hof – swimming the channel

good evening,

yes, it’s thursday evening as i sit in my newly decorated home office, with the warm glow of the two table lamps, as they sit on top of the two three drawer leather cabinets, and the cozy heat from the radiator as i sit and type, with not a towel in site, and no breaks for putting out the recycling, as that’s tomorrow.

what’s going on?

i need to train tomorrow morning, and i find myself with an alone evening, so i’m gonna write my blog, and i’m gonna read my book about aconcagua, and i am gonna have a free morning to train, as it’s predicted to be minus four in the morning, so i can’t wait, i love the crisp frosty mornings, so much easier than the rain.

training is going well, thank your asking, i am eating like a horse, but still dropping weight, as i am burning enough fuel to take me into calorie deficit, and i think i have discovered porridge as my new breakfast love.

porridge, oat milk, sliced banana, honey, and loads of cinnamon, a heady mix, but i tend to live life on the edge.

but my new found love of this breakfast treat has had me almost dreaming of it as the last few miles of my runs and hikes start to click away.

the other reason for not writing my blog tomorrow is i have a 9.15am phone call with lady from tommy’s charity, who are doing an event next year i want to do, called the ‘london landmarks skyscraper challenge’, which looks amazing, and has two options, one to climb 42 floors up london’s iconic cheesegrater tower, and then either abseil down 656ft, or two, zipwire 400ft over to the gherkin, either challenge suits me, but because of the massive interest, i have been shortlisted, but tomorrow need to have a telephone interview, i’ve never worked so hard to take part in a charity event, wish me luck.

i quite enjoy abseiling, so i think given the choice i’ll do that one, which would you prefer if any?

anyway, with my feet firmly planted on terrafirma, last saturday morning, me, chloe and tan headed to penarth beach to join grant and his merry band of dawnstalkers ( to hopefully see the sunrise, dip in the sea, and fundraise a few quid for bigmoose.

what i didn’t expect was the amount of people that turned up to dip and swim, a conservative estimate would be 200, which was an amazing sight to behold, a plethora of semi naked humans, showing zero inhibitions, resembling limpets heading back home down the r.n.l.i slipway, some with joyous squeals, some with fear in their eyes, but one by one they all entered the freezing murky brown waters of the bristol channel, like an early morning baptism, emerging eventually, rejuvenated, some shivering, in fact most were shivering, but all regaling stories of how wonderful the cold water therapy made them feel, wim hof would have been very proud.

frequent exposure to cold is linked to a number of different health benefits, for example, scientists have found evidence that exposure to cold speeds up the metabolism.

another benefit of exposing your body to cold is that it reduces inflammation, swelling, and sore muscles, therefore, many athletes use ice baths and other types of exposure to cold as a means to speed up recovery after physical exercise.

furthermore, cold body therapy is also linked to improved quality of sleep, more focus, and even an improved immune response system, and the use of cryogenics is now being recommended in a friend of mines cancer treatment, the science is really powerful.

i now finish with a two minute cold shower most mornings, but am looking to start using ice baths, to help my muscle recovery, i’ll report back, but if you have any tips please message me.

here i am with cold water royalty, cath ‘merthyr mermaid’ pendleton, and author of ’the cold fix’ sara barnes.

the second heeeeeeuge thing i didn’t bank on was meeting a doctor called sabrina, who hailed from the emerald isle, and came to our recent swim4good event, and it soon became apparent was a crazy cat with an appetite for life.

after no more than fifteen minutes of conversation, she had shaken my hand that she was going to swim the channel for bigmoose, and was swiftly recruiting as if her enthusiasm would entice them to join her like the child catcher in chitty chitty bang bang, and she proved to be equally as successful and had her team of grant, cath, hannah, kez and a couple of maybes within a very short time.

now this may never come off, but imagine if it does, how flipping amazing, and i am meeting her hopefully tomorrow to see whether she was high on life or medicinal compounds, another report pending, watch this space.

to end this thursday night blog, i just want to tell everybody reading about our bigmoose disabled children’s supeftri 5 that’s happening this sunday, and rather than explain it here’s a video of supertri 2.

if you fancy dropping in to have a butchers, drop me line, it’s a great event.

to wrap up tonight, our numbers are 287 referrals, 107 graduates, and 17 saved from suicide, thanks for your support in helping us always in all ways.

and here is a link to our monthly subscription page if you fancy helping in a regular way.

blue skies,


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