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good morning dear bigmoose blog reader, thanks for opening todays scribing this friday the 13th,

today i’m gonna talk about influencers and ai.

what are influencers?

are they gen z’s who seem to “smash” everything as they intermittently tell you how huel or athletic greens changed their lives, or are influencers all around us?

or in fact, are we all influencers?

as i navigate my world, i seem to come into contact with lots of people who sneer and look down on influencers, whether through jealousy, ignorance, or a luddite view of things. (

our technology influenced world has allowed these young upstarts, like multi millionaire stephen bartlett, to accelerate past the traditional methods of ‘earning’ a living, and this is the first time in history that this shift of power has been available for the youth of the day.

as i stood on the stairs in a queue for the toilet in the patagonia store in bristol on monday night, after speaking with chloe about bigmoose to the biggest audience the store had ever had for an evening function, and watching lewis’s documentary on his recent ‘why we run’ 250k five day ultra marathon, i started talking to a girl in front of me about the doco.

she loved it, and was gushing with enthusiasm, and by her conversation i deduced quite quickly that she was a runner.

we chatted about all things running, and it turns out that she runs for a living.

not as a gb runner, nor a hoka sponsored athlete, but as a youtuber and instagram influencer.

i love this.

i love that we now live in an age that you can follow your absolute dream, and make enough money to pay the bills, and live a lifestyle you want, whether it’s running, creating art, or travelling the world.

in my orbit i am very lucky to have craig and aimee, aka kinging it, who have fundraised over £61,000 for us, and are very much high powered influencers, and as they say “rule your own world”.

also, the amazingly talented underground artist ‘ripper’ who has now removed his work from galleries, and sells to celebrities and collectors direct, thus keeping more control, and inevitably profit.

and as i talked to my new running cohort i said “you’re probably someone really famous that i should know aren’t you” to which she graciously laughed.

the toilet became free, she entered, and one hundred and twenty three seconds later, approximately obviously,  she reappeared and smiled, and courteously said it had been nice chatting, and after i asked how i could find her told me her instagram handle.

unbeknownst to me, beth our charities chairperson was two people behind me in the queue, overhearing the conversation, and as i emerged from the toilet after one hundred and nine seconds, approximately obviously, she stopped me and informed me who this mystery runner and influencer was.

oh well, how cool that she was humble i thought, but also what a great opportunity to recruit her to the bigmoose team, and a few instagram messages later we have arranged to meet for a coffee and a chat after i return from argentina mid february, watch this space.


back to influencers.

i recently watched our girl hannah phillips instagram story, where she talked about posting about her new ice bath purchase, and how multiple people had messaged her to tell her that they had been influenced into purchasing the same ice bath, thus making her an influencer, which i totally agree with, and it got me thinking.

chloe and i spoke at the patagonia store that night, and two people contacted us asking for help with their mental health, and we now have them referred to therapists who will help them, which in my opinion is influencing for good.

lewis has 21.8k followers on instagram, has raised over £20k for bigmoose, and has signposted 26 people to bigmoose, who we have referred to therapy, and he has told his own mental health story, warts ‘n all, now that, in my opinion is influencing for good too.

so, as i took to the stage yesterday for my second talk of the week, to an audience at cardiff’s city hall, i told the bigmoose story, an along the journey i encouraged the audience to get a mentor, i am a massive fan of mentoring, and hopefully they will, and then finished my talk by offering to help anyone who’s struggling with their mental health, which i guess makes me an influencer for good in some small way?

and when you post on instagram, however big or small your following, or tell your mate about the amazing new exhibition you went to recently, and they book tickets, or you tell people about bigmoose, and they reach out for therapy they have struggled to get through any other source before, i reckon that makes you an influencer, for positivity and kindness, and long may it continue, keep influencing, and your influence will brighten peoples lives i say.

be a radiator not a drain.

hold on a minute, I’ve gotta put the bins out………

i’m back, wow it was windy, but not raining, winning!

changing the subject completely, what do you know about ai?

artificial intelligence.

i thought i knew a little, but last sunday my phone rang with a facetime call from tiffany, my eldest heir, and as i answered i expected to see betty, who is now six months old, and has the most infectious smile and disposition you could dream of as a grandparent, and lights up my heart every time i see her.

but alas, betty was asleep, this was a different kind of call, this was full of energy “have you seen this” kinda call.

tiffany’s partner and i had been discussing ai over the recent festive period, and how it was going to threaten a lot of creative industries, and he had found an ai website he wanted to show me, in real time.

so, basically you can ask this ai website to write anything, giving it a brief, and within seconds it types out something amazingly correct, a sonnet about influencers in the style of shakespeare, computer code, a screenplay for a movie, etc, etc.

it was unbelievable, and we tested it, with childlike enthusiasm.

so i contemplated using it to write my blog today, but i don’t think it’s quite as funny as i am yet, and it can’t put the bins out, but my goodness it is pretty amazing, and the talk i did yesterday was at a finance for the future conference, so i asked the ai to write about how climbing everest had similarities to the future of finance, and this is what it wrote.

Climbing Mount Everest and the future of finance may seem like unrelated topics, but there are a few ways in which they could potentially be connected.

One potential connection is through the concept of risk management. Both climbing Mount Everest and managing financial risks involve making strategic decisions and taking calculated risks in order to achieve a desired outcome. In the case of climbing Mount Everest, this might involve choosing the right equipment, training extensively, and making informed decisions about when to ascend based on weather conditions and other factors. In the world of finance, risk management might involve diversifying investments, creating contingency plans, and using financial tools such as derivatives to mitigate potential losses.

Another potential connection is through the use of technology. Both climbing Mount Everest and the financial industry rely on advances in technology to improve safety and efficiency. In climbing, this might include the use of weather forecasting tools and satellite communication devices to help climbers stay safe and make informed decisions. In finance, technology is increasingly being used to automate and streamline processes, such as through the use of robo-advisors and blockchain-based platforms.

Ultimately, the connection between climbing Mount Everest and the future of finance is not a direct one, but rather one that highlights the importance of strategic decision-making, risk management, and the use of technology in achieving goals and navigating complex environments.

this was generated within seconds, pretty awesome stuff eh?

some might say scary.

i didn’t use it, but it is very thought provoking.

personally, i think leadership today is a factor of psychology not technology, we have to be leaders of people using technology, but the future is hard to even dream.

so that concludes todays blog, all that remains for me to do is say thanks for reading, influence for good, and if you fancy helping us save lives with bigmoose charity, you can sign up to our simple monthly giving on the link below, sorry to ask, but asking works.

blue skies, i’m off to drink my athletic greens.


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