27 lives saved – kind humans – psychometric testing

good morning kind human.

how do i know you’re kind?

because you are here reading this blog.

you have somehow gravitated and navigated your way here, and bigmoose, and all it stands for, and all it does, for some reason resonates on the same cosmic vibration as you, and i’m sure it’s because quintessentially, you’re a goodun, a kind human.

as normal i started to write my blog with no plan, no skeleton of an idea, and i just write, and this morning is no different, so please stay with me on this theory.

i’m going to make three guesses about your personality type, wow this is a big risk isn’t it, ha ha, i’m now entering very dangerous territory, oh well i like a bit of a risk, here we go.

i bet you possess a high degree of empathy?

i bet you understand and share the feelings of others, which allows you to connect on a deeper level, and respond compassionately to the needs and struggles of those around you?

am i on the right track?

does this sound like you?

wow this is really risky, i hope you’re still reading.

here comes my second guess.

i bet you’re selfless?

i bet you offer your time, help and knowledge without expecting anything in return, but happy to make a positive impact on the lives of others?

i’m right aren’t i, you’re what’s scientifically known as ‘a good egg’?

ok, we’re onto my third guess in jeff’s psychometric test of bigmoose blog readers, buckle up.

i reckon you’re open minded?

i bet generally speaking you’re non judgemental, you accept different perspectives, cultures, backgrounds, and treat almost everyone with respect and consideration, allowing you to connect with a diverse range of folk without discrimination?

if i’ve got this right and you’re still reading, i am really pleased, because this is the kind of community we have strived to build, and we are very connected, if however i’m way off beat, please message me i’d love to learn more about you.

however, if i’ve got close on my guesses, what can we do as a community?

it feels to me like we all like to help others, and we’re all kind, so how can todays blog help the world?

well here’s an idea.

since putting a weekly link to our hope service linking people up to a therapist at the end of my blog we have seen tens of people get in touch, tens of people we can help with their mental health, and possibly save their lives, like the two people this week who have come through our system telling us they wouldn’t be here without our fast intervention and access to help, which is 27 lives saved from suicide.

two people who wouldn’t be alive.

i write that not for dramatic effect, but to highlight what we as a community can achieve, we can literally save lives.

so, back to the idea.

we have approximately 1300 subscribers to this blog, with an open rate of 45% which is 585 people reading this.


if you can help me here we can help more people.

but it takes action on your part.

what i am going to ask you is if you can think of one or more people you know who might enjoy this blog, are like you in their outlook on life, and then just forward this blog onto them, with a quick message along the lines of, ‘i read this blog that this geezer jeff writes, and he’s trying to change the world for good, give it a spin’ and if one or more person reads it, then uses our services at some point in the future, that small action you’ve taken might save a life.

it’ll take you seconds, and the return on energy could be incalculable.

here is that link if you or anybody you know is suffering, please use it, or pass it on.

well that’s a social experiment if i ever saw one!

so to wrap up today i just wanted share our current numbers of people we are referring for help, and since january 2022 we have referred 667, and from an average of 20/25 people being referred monthly, we have seen that number rise to 79 in july.

big numbers for a very small charity, so any help you can give, whether sharing the blog, donating in some small way, see link below, or taking part in some crazy event we have going on, we really appreciate it.

literally finally, josie on our team has had a couple of cardiff half runners pull out, so if you fancy running this amazing race repping the bigmoose spots contact josie here.

thanks for reading, i’ll see you kind humans here again next week, lets change this world for good.

blue skies,


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