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this week we reached 100 human beings that have worked with bigmoose therapists and been signed off from needing help anymore.

100 is a number me and chloe are extremely proud of, and the impact having those 100 people back in a good place for their children, their parents, their siblings, their friends, their coworkers, etc, is immeasurable.

the value to the world just blows my mind, and we have seen the most phenomenal changes in people young and old, i wish i could share more details, but believe me when i say, your help and support of bigmoose is helping move the needle for so many.

one story i can briefly share is a seven year olds, who has just graduated, and has asked their parent if they can come and meet me and chloe, that’s not gonna be an easy one to handle for yours truly, and i have no doubt it will be an emotional experience, and interesting that one so young can map out what they want to do, and take action, which often adults struggle with.

which reminds me of a business colleague of mine, who was head of i.t. for a huge group of hospitals, and oversaw multi billion pound projects within his role.

he reminded me of doc brown the genius professor in the back to the future movies.

a mutual friend of ours told me a story of how he had once seen him just before a political conference he was speaking at, and enquired as to whether he had been in a rush to reach the lecturn, to which he replied yes, but enquired how he knew?

the mutual friend pointed down to his feet which were still wearing his very comfortable looking house slippers.

an eccentric man, not really bothered by rules, but so amazingly intelligent, i loved talking to him, thinking back he has probably influenced me more than i have realised, until now as i write this.

the conversation that i found the most impactful for me, was when i asked him how he managed to cope with such huge projects, affecting so many people.

he replied “i think like a child.”

“i plan where i want to go, not allowing any obstacles or barriers to influence my path, no financial restraints, politics, etc, and i navigate there as a child would.”

“i then look at the adult stuff, like requiring getting signoff on a hundred million pound budget, and i make it happen by communicating what the landscape looks like when we’ve completed the project.”

quintessentially, storytelling.

which is what great leaders of people do, they tell stories that stir emotional connection, and get people to join them on the journey, and i am now thinking that when i meet this young person, i am going to ask them how they think we can become better, stronger, and help more people, i might learn a lot, and how cool to look at how a generation alpha child sees the world, and apply their thoughts to our charity. wow i’m amped just writing this, i’ll report back.

so in other news, how did your attempt to be a 5 star citizen work out after last weeks blog, did you make any changes?

personally, i am pretty proud of one situation in my life this week, where 25 year old me would have absolutely kicked off, ranted and raved, and achieved nothing but negativity.

we held our swim4good event this monday at a five star hotel in cardiff, where we had requested two microphones, which we paid for.

long story short, neither of them worked, and the sound system, with 200+ people outside the room waiting to enter, was crackling with an ear piercing screech almost constantly.

young me would have been upset, angry, all the bad emotions, which infect everyone around, but the calmer current version, stayed focused, and with the help of our quickly assembled team of helpers moved the chairs to use one end of the room, allowing the speakers to direct their voices in a more pinpointed audible manner, without a microphone.

as the throng of people entered the room, sat, and waited, we obtained silence, and explained the microphone problem, and asked for their patience and understanding, which they gave in abundance, and turned out to be one of the best audiences we’ve ever had at our events, giving two standing ovations to our jaw droppingly good speakers, and the energy in the room was electric.

so, lessons learnt.

always try to stay calm.

communicate problems in an honest fashion.

it doesn’t always need to be perfect to be successful.

wow, there are my life lessons right there, i might not ever get to be a 5 star citizen, but one review at a time eh?

hold on for five……

bins emptied.

apart from the tech the gig went really well, and my highlight was one of the speakers, kez aldridge, who talked about losing her mum to suicide when she walked into the sea and didn’t come back, but how she has now repaired her relationship with the sea, using it as a tool to actually obtain power from, this lady is slight in stature, but an absolute powerhouse, and to get a standing ovation on her first public speaking event was incredible, i feel the world will be seeing a lot more of kez, and i’m really happy she did so well.

so to wrap up this blog, two quick things.

last week i mentioned our new bigmoose subscription plans, which allow you to help us continue to do our life saving work, and two people signed up, which is brilliant news, so i’m gonna stick the link on again, just in case you want to join us, and if you do, thank you from the people we’re helping.

and finally, yesterday i had coffee and porridge with a great mate of mine, and he told me to watch ’stutz’ which i did, and loved, here’s the trailer, i hope you enjoy it.

i’ll be seeing ya,

blue skies,


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